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I recently needed to make a Frequently Asked Questions page that shows and hides text. I quickly realized that there aren't a lot of easy-to-use templates for such a task, so I made my own and decided to release it into the open-source ecosystem. This is a very simple, easy to customize template for showing and hiding text, much like you'd see on a FAQ page.

CarHub is an automotive tech startup in Beverly Hills. I am currently a Front-End Developer for their website and mobile application. One of my recent assignments was to design an interface for their car maintenance and recall scheduling service.

Crityk is a startup company that's making a food and lifestyle mobile app for the iOS and Android platforms. I built their landing site with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Materialize, ElevatorJS, AnimateCSS and the MailChimp API. Building Crityk was a great experience because I learned how to work with a startup, worked closely with a designer, and undertook web hosting with AWS.

homeGrown will be an app that connects people by neighborhood and facilitates food sharing meetups. The RESTful API is built with MongoDB, Mongoose, Node and Express. My next steps will be to complete the front end with Angular, making it a MEAN Stack app. Check out my API documentation on github.

RNR is a simple app that displays photos liked on Instagram and a map to the location the photo was taken. It was built with Mongoose, Express, Node, OAuth 2, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, MaterializeCSS, Instagram API, GoogleGeo API, and hosted on Heroku. I oversaw connecting to the GoogleGeo API and displaying the map in a way that is responsive and doesn't take up too much of the view. I also was in charge of connecting to the Instagram API and returning the necessary data needed to display liked photos and send the latitude/longitude coordinates of those photos to the GoogleGeo API.

tāstr is a place to find and share recipes. A user can sign up, log in, upload photos, and like recipes posted by other users. tāstr is a full CRUD app built with Ruby on Rails, styled with Bootstrap, sprinkled with some JavaScript and jQuery, and hosted on Heroku (patience is a virtue).

Dots & Boxes is a two-player game in which players attempt to complete boxes by selecting the lines that connect dots. When a player completes a box, the box takes the color of the player who completed it. The game is over when all of the boxes are completed, and the player with the most boxes wins. I made Dots & Boxes using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I utilized jQuery for simpler DOM manipulation, and incorporated CSS Transitions.

My name is Jacob, and I'm a developer with experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and the MEAN Stack. I have prior experience as a Mac Technician and a working musician. Both have helped me be a better developer. Being a Mac Technician equipped me with necessary skills for problem-solving, troubleshooting, and finding answers quickly under pressure. Being a touring and recording musician strengthened my skills for working in teams, thinking creatively, and communicating abstract ideas in practical ways. I'm currently studying iOS Development and hope to publish my own iOS apps in the near future. Feel free to contact me to inquire about my services.

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